MFT! v1.0 released for Windows

Today’s a big day here at Syncplify. We’re releasing the very first version of our newest software: Syncplify MFT!

You can find a good description of the software on our web site.

We’ve also made the full manual available online.

In the next few days we’ll also publish more videos on our YouTube channel, to show and explain MFT!’s most noteworthy features.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re always grateful to our users and customers, without whom we wouldn’t exist.

Blockly is coming to MFT!

As you all know, the upcoming MFT! product will enable system administrators to write their own managed file transfer scripts and run them in many different ways (unattended, scheduled, via REST API, and more…).

But we’re fully aware that not everyone is familiar with writing scripts, therefore we’re dropping in the “blockly” interface, to create your MFT scripts visually, without any deep JavaScript knowledge.

Here’s a very early preview (subject to change before it’s released):

We’re heading full speed towards the release! MFT! Beta-3 is available

We have just released MFT! “beta.3”, and we’re working hard to try to get our release candidate ready in the next days.

For now, this new beta version:

  • further improves the web UI
  • adds support for posting notifications to Slack
  • adds support for sending text messages (SMS) via Twilio

To download this beta version you can go here:

Thank you in advance for your feedback! MFT! Beta-2 is available

We have just released MFT! “beta.2”, and we’re heading full speed towards the final release (general availability) of our newest software.

This new beta version:

  • improves the web UI
  • fixes bugs we found
  • fixes bugs you guys found and reported to us (thank you!!)

To download this beta version you can go here:

Thank you in advance for your feedback! MFT! Beta-1 is available MFT! has just reached “beta.1” stage. This is a major milestone for us, because all alpha versions only supported the SFTP protocol (useful to crystallize the functionalities) but this is the first version that also adds support for AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

The “beauty” of MFT! stems from the fact that you can basically utilize the exact same script logic independently of the storage platform. Literally the only difference is the connection properties to the back-end platform, because that’s – obviously – dependent on which storage you use.

But since an example is worth more than a thousand words… here’s a simple script that lists a directory and uploads some files to S3:

Continue reading MFT! Alpha-3 is available

We just reached a new alpha version (alpha.3) of MFT!, so we decided to release an updated installer for everyone to try and provide feedback (and, why not, bug reports).

If you haven’t read the introductory article, please do so now.

What’s new in alpha.3 that wasn’t there in alpha.1 and alpha.2?

  • Move on Upload/Download: it is now possible to have MFT! perform uploads and downloads as “moves”, so when the proper options are set, after a successful upload/download the original source file will be deleted
  • Script Marketplace: the web UI now contains a Marketplace section, where you can find and import free and ready-made scripts, with time we’re planning on adding hundreds of free script to this Marketplace for our users to learn, take inspiration from, and quick-start their own script development
  • Heavily reworked web UI: the entire web interface has been reworked for clarity and ease of use.

Last but not least, here’s the installer you can download.

If you have feedback, or need to report bugs, please contact us here. Thank you!

Develop mftJS scripts in VSCode

Yes, you’ve read that right. We have just released a free extension for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) that provides syntax highlighting support for the mftJS language for this beloved code editor.

Here’s what it looks like:

To install the syntax highlighter for the mftJS language in your VSCode, simply search for “mftjs” in your VSCode Extensions and click the Install button.