New release: FtpScripter (beta)


  • Upload of files located in the root folder of a local hard drive
  • Few other minor bugs


According to our tests this version is very stable, fast, and reliable. If we don’t receive any more bug reports in the next few days, we believe that the next version will be our RC (Release Candidate). Thanks to all of our beta-testers, your help has been very important!

Video-lesson #3: backup with versioning and email notification

In this article we present a very simple FTP script that, in just a few lines of code, performs the following operations:

  • zips the contents of a folder
  • uploads the zip archive to an FTP server, renaming the old one (if exists, for versioning)
  • notifies the operator via email after the upload has completed

Here below you can see both the video (see it in action) and the actual code that has been used during the recording of such video. Continue reading

Scripting lesson #2: server to server file transfer

Thanks to the object-oriented design of FtpScripter, it’s very easy to write a script to act as a “proxy” and transfer files between two remote file servers, even if such file servers don’t support the same protocol. In the following example we transfer files from a FTP to a SFTP server, using the FtpScripter client as an intermediate point between the two. Continue reading