We want to help in these difficult times

Let’s face it, these are hard times. Many companies are forced to ask their employees to work from home, putting additional strain on the entire Internet, and often having to deal with the complexity of keeping remote co-working secure.

For this reason, we decided to offer a 30% discount on all new licenses of Syncplify products to businesses of any size that, in these unprecedented times, were affected by this sudden remote collaboration need.

This special offer is available from now through May 15th, 2020. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this time-limited offer can open a ticket here to receive a discount (coupon) code.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and always take good care of yourselves and your families. 

Syncplify.me MFT! v1.0 released for Windows

Today’s a big day here at Syncplify. We’re releasing the very first version of our newest software: Syncplify MFT!

You can find a good description of the software on our web site.

We’ve also made the full manual available online.

In the next few days we’ll also publish more videos on our YouTube channel, to show and explain MFT!’s most noteworthy features.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re always grateful to our users and customers, without whom we wouldn’t exist.

Syncplify.me MFT! Beta-2 is available

We have just released Syncplify.me MFT! “beta.2”, and we’re heading full speed towards the final release (general availability) of our newest software.

This new beta version:

  • improves the web UI
  • fixes bugs we found
  • fixes bugs you guys found and reported to us (thank you!!)

To download this beta version you can go here: https://www.syncplify.me/mft.html

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Syncplify.me MFT! Beta-1 is available

Syncplify.me MFT! has just reached “beta.1” stage. This is a major milestone for us, because all alpha versions only supported the SFTP protocol (useful to crystallize the functionalities) but this is the first version that also adds support for AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

The “beauty” of MFT! stems from the fact that you can basically utilize the exact same script logic independently of the storage platform. Literally the only difference is the connection properties to the back-end platform, because that’s – obviously – dependent on which storage you use.

But since an example is worth more than a thousand words… here’s a simple script that lists a directory and uploads some files to S3:

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Syncplify.me MFT! Alpha-2 is here

We just reached a new milestone in the development of Syncplify.me MFT!, so we decided to release an updated installer for everyone to try and provide feedback (and, why not, bug reports).

If you haven’t read the introductory article, please do so now.

What’s new in Alpha-2 that wasn’t there in Alpha-1?

  • OTFE (On-The-Fly-Encryption): allows you to transparently and automatically encrypt all of your files as they are uploaded to a remote server, and decrypt them as they are downloaded back to your local storage.
  • Automatic Versioning: automatically keep your desired number of older versions of each file, every time you upload or download a file to/from a file server. Each versioned older copy of each file is automatically archived and timestamped for you.

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OTFE (on-the-fly-encryption) with Syncplify.me MFT!

We’ve just added a MAJOR feature to Syncplify.me MFT! (not abailable in the Alpha-1 download yet, it’ll be in Alpha-2): OTFE, which is short for on-the-fly-encryption.

Basically, when OTFE is enabled, Syncplify.me MFT! encrypts files as they are uploaded to a remote file server (SFTP, FTP, S3, whatever, …) and decrypts them as they are downloaded back to the local machine.

This encryption/decryption happens on-the-fly, directly on the uploaded/downloaded data stream, so it doesn’t need to use temporary files on your disk; the entire process is very memory-friendly, because it encrypts/decrypts small buffers as they are transferred. Continue reading

Download and try: Syncplify.me MFT! Alpha-1

We decided to release a public “alpha” version of Syncplify.me MFT!, even though it’s still under heavy development, because we trust our users’ feedback more than anything. So, please, download this alpha version, install it, play with it, ask questions, find bugs, provide feedback… 

Things to know before you download and install Syncplify.me MFT! alpha-1: Continue reading

Cyber Monday: 50% OFF!

Syncplify is very grateful for the traction that its valued customers have brought to our small company over the years.

As a sign of that gratitude, we are pleased to honor the Cyber Monday holiday by offering a 50% discount coupon to anyone willing to buy a new (or additional) license of any of our products.

When you buy online, on Monday December 2nd 2019, simply use this coupon and a 50% discount will be automatically applied: CMSDC19.

How to: monitor local folders in mftJS and upload files as they appear in it

This article refers to the mftJS language, which is the special “flavor” of JavaScript designed by Syncplify for the upcoming Syncplify.me MFT! software product.

Let’s see the code first, then we’ll explain the details.


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