FAQ: How to receive support from Syncplify?

Occasionally our users ask us what their support options are. This article is intended to provide a clarification on that topic.If you are using the Free Edition of our products you can:

In addition to that, if you are still using the free edition for evaluation purposes and you intend to buy once your issue is resolved, you may also:

And, of course, if you are a registered customer with a valid and active support subscription, you are welcome to:

New release: FTP! v1.0.12.32

Syncplify.me FTP! v1.0.12.32 has been released. This new version features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: bug that occasionally affected the width of the left navigation pane
  • Improved: installer now uses LZMA compression to achieve a smaller size
  • Improved: installer is now double-signed, to make every version of Windows happy

Please download the latest version here.

How to uninstall Syncplify software products

Uninstalling any Syncplify software products is very easy.

In fact, here at Syncplify, we use Windows Installer to create our installation packages; such tool is highly integrated with the Windows operating system, and registers all installations in the Windows Installer database, so that when you want to uninstall any of our software products you just have to:

  1. Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  2. Locate the Syncplify software you wish to uninstall
  3. Click the Uninstall button
Everything below this point applies ONLY to Syncplify.me Server! and to no other Syncplify software product


The uninstaller will only uninstall the software, but it will not delete your configuration nor your Syncplify.me Server! instances and virtual servers, so if you choose to reinstall the software in the future, nothing gets lost.

If – instead – you wish to completely remove Syncplify.me Server!, including all configuration, users, virtual servers, and database… you will have to perform these additional steps BEFORE the 3-step procedure explained above:

  • Connect to the SuperAdmin interface (or run the Instance Controller if you’re still using an old version 3)
  • Delete all virtual servers
  • Once all virtual servers are deleted you can proceed with points #1, #2 and #3 above

How many concurrent file transfer from the same client?

Sometimes our users ask us how many concurrent file transfers can be initiated simultaneously by one client. The answer deserves a little bit of explanation.

First of all it is important to understand that this article is entirely focused on how to optimize the client side, in fact the server uses I/O completion ports and RTL critical sections to optimize concurrency under heavy load (hundreds or thousands of incoming client connections) and is therefore self-optimized.

The client side, instead, is very different. First of all the client has a GUI (graphical user interface) that needs to be synchronized with the “desktop” of the operating system. Furthermore, on the client side, the concept of “CPU core affinity” becomes very relevant. What is it? Let’s try to provide a simplified explanation… Continue reading

New OpenSSL bug: Syncplify customers are still 100% safe!

After only a couple months from the discovery of the “Heartbleed” bug that affected the popular open-source library OpenSSL, a new bug has been found that could potentially expose user’s data.

And once again, all Syncplify customers are 100% safe, because none of our product uses (or has ever used) any version of the OpenSSL library.

Press release: Syncplify.me software products are immune from the “heartbleed” OpenSSL bug

Media contacts:

Helga Kessler
Syncplify, Inc.

Syncplify.me Server!, FTP!, and FTP Script! implement a proprietary SSL/TLS stack that does not rely on OpenSSL, therefore they are not affected by the “heartbleed” OpenSSL bug; once again, Syncplify customers’ security and peace of mind are safeguarded.

WILMINGTON, DE – April 8, 2014 – Syncplify, Inc., a young yet award-winning software development company that delivers enterprise-grade secure file transfer solutions (FTPS/SFTP client and server), following the breaking news regarding the recently discovered OpenSSL bug named “heartbleed”, today announced that none of its products is or has ever been based on any version of such library. Therefore, all Syncplify products are immune from the published exploits.

Continue reading

OpenSSL bug: our customers are safe (cause we don’t use it)!

heartbleedBreaking news: a terrifying (to say the least) bug in OpenSSL has been discovered and publicly disclosed. This serious security flaw affects OpenSSL’s heartbeat feature, and it’s therefore been named “heartbleed”.

We, at Syncplify, want to reassure all of our users and customers: none of our products uses or has ever used OpenSSL or any of its components.

Syncplify.me Server!, FTP!, and FTP Scrip!, all include a SSL/TLS stack that is not based on OpenSSL, and therefore is not affected by the recently discovered bug.

Once again, users of Syncplify software products are safe.

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