CloudBerry Backup and Server! Free (SFTP)

Some users reported the inability to perform backups from CloudBerry Backup to Server! Free Edition.

Therefore we have analyzed the situation, and this is what we have discovered:

  • By default CloudBerry Backup tries to use 5 (five) concurrent connections to your SFTP server
  • The free edition of Server! is limited to 3 (three) concurrent connections, and drops/cuts the 2 connections that exceed such limit

Since the number of concurrent connection cannot be changed in Server! Free (hey, after all, it’s a forever-free product for personal use only) then our recommendation is to set CloudBerry to perform 3 concurrent connections instead of 5.

There is also another issue, though, which is much worse: as you can see from the following (contiguous) two lines taken directly from our server’s log file, CloudBerry  Backup basically tries to create the same directory twice, the first time without the trailing / (slash) and the second time with the trailing / (slash).

The second time CloudBerry Backup tries to create such directory, Server! correctly replies with an error code (cannot create a directory that already exists). But apparently CloudBerry Backup mistakes such error for a fatal condition, and therefore considers the backup operation as “failed” (and does not continue the process). But the problem is that CloudBerry should not try to create the same folder twice in the first place.

This second issue is obviously not limited only to the interaction with the Free edition of Server. Our team is at work to find a workaround as this post is written. We may come up with a solution on our side, but we will also contact CloudBerry Labs to report the issue to them.

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