Download and try: MFT! Alpha-1

We decided to release a public “alpha” version of MFT!, even though it’s still under heavy development, because we trust our users’ feedback more than anything. So, please, download this alpha version, install it, play with it, ask questions, find bugs, provide feedback… 

Things to know before you download and install MFT! alpha-1:

  • This is an alpha version, it most certainly still has bugs, it might not be safe to use in a production environment
  • The final version will feature a plethora of protocols, including SFTP, FTP(E/S), S3, Azure Stg, Google Cloud Stg, and more… but for now this alpha version only comes with support for the SFTP protocol
  • The final version will support Windows, MacOSX, and Linux; this alpha version is available only for Windows

Here’s a short introductory video showing how to install, configure, and operate the software:

And finally, last but not least, here’s the installer you can download.

If you have feedback, or find bugs, please report them here.

Thank you!

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