Hiding certain files from a directory listing

Syncplify.me Server! version: 4.0.24+

As of version 4.0.24, Syncplify.me Server! has introduced two new features:

  • the BeforeSendDirListToClient event handler
  • the RemoveFromDirList method in the scripting framework

These features can be used together to hide certain files from a directory listing. This is useful, for example, when you don’t want certain users to see certain file types when they connect to your SFTP server, but you still want to show such files to other users.

The first thing to do is creating a script. Let’s assume, for the sake of this example, that you want to hide some AutoCAD® files, and specifically all DWG and DXF files. Then you will need a script like this:

Once the script is ready, you will have to open the user profile you want to apply the rule to, and add an event handler to it, like this:


Once the event is added, do not forget to SAVE the user profile. It will then appear as in the screenshot here below:


Now what happens when we log in as user “test” (the one WITH the script)? Let’s see what FileZilla shows:


See? No DWG or DXF files in the screenshot here above. But when we log in with a different user profile…


The user profile that doesn’t have the script can see all files.

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