How-to: map Server! as a drive (Swish version)

We have recently published an article in this Knowledge Base to explain how to mount a Server! SFTP account as a virtual drive using SFTP Net Drive.

It is also possible to do the same using another very nice software called Swish. Different philosophy, but similar results. Here is how to do it.

First of all, as usual, we need to create a user account in Server! and make sure it has the proper file transfer protocol enabled: in this case it’s the SFTP protocol.


As opposed to a normal application (program) Swish implements a namespace extension, therefore there is nothing that you have to explicitly run. After installing Swish you will find one more item under your “Computer” namespace.


Simply double-click on the Swish namespace extension to enter it. Once inside the extension, click the “Add SFTP Connection” button to map your first virtual namespace towards your Server!


Adding your SFTP connection is easy and straightforward, only a very tiny amount of information is actually needed:

  • Label: free text, as you wish
  • Host: in this example we connect to (localhost) but here you will specify the real host name or IP address of your Server!
  • User: the username of the profile you have previously created in your Server!
  • Path: an initial subdirectory on the server (in most cases you will simply put the root folder /)


Once you’re ready, push the “Create” button, and your virtual namespace will be created automatically, and it will appear inside your Swish namespace.


Once created, just double-click on it to access the contents on your Server! as a virtual folder/drive (technically in this case it’s a virtual namespace, but it works the same way).

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