How to: turn a Temporary into a Permanent ban (blacklist)

By default all IP addresses that get automatically blacklisted (because of protocol violations or some other type of attack/hacking attempt) are Temporary. This means that they will stay in the blacklist for an amount of time that you have defined in the Configuration Manager and then they will be automatically removed from the blacklist and allowed to connect again.

But Server! also supports Permanent bans. The image here below shows how to turn a Temporary ban into a Permanent one.


It is sufficient to do the following:

  1. Go to the BLACKLIST page in your Configuration Manager
  2. Click on the “Temporary” item in the line corresponding to the IP address you want to permanently ban
  3. Select “Permanent” from the drop-down list
  4. Remember to SAVE your configuration after you finish making changes

The automatic blacklist is very effective at identifying potentially dangerous situations (like FTP or SFTP password harvesting attacks for example) and ban the originating IP address temporarily.

But sometimes the System Administrator may recognize a pattern; sometimes the same IP address keeps ending up in the blacklist over and over again. In such cases the System Administrator may decide to turn a Temporary ban into a Permanent one, and the attacker’s IP address will remain in the blacklist forever (or until the blacklist is manually emptied by the above mentioned System Administrator).

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