How to: use Server! to keep your Android devices in sync

Some of our users are asking how to use Server! as a shared repository to keep files/folders on their Android devices always in sync.

There are various Android FTP(S)/SFTP clients that work smoothly with Server! but, in this case, we need more: we need one that doesn’t just transfer files between Android and FTP(S)/SFTP, but can also keep them in sync.

Recently we have successfully tested FolderSync on an Android 4.4 (KitKat) Google Nexus 7, and it works great.

Installation takes only few seconds, and the user interface is very clear.


The first thing to do is setup a FTP(S) or SFTP server account, therefore we click on the Accounts menu item. There is a wide support for cloud services as well as for FTP and SFTP. For the sake of this tutorial we choose SFTP. Just insert the server’s address and user authentication credentials, and tap “SAVE”.


After configuring the destination, let’s go back to the main screen and tap on “Folderpairs” to create our first synchronization job.


This is very easy too, just give your sync job a name of your choice, select the remote FTP(S)/SFTP server profile you just created, and then pick a remote and a local folder to be kept in sync. Last essential step: choose which way you want to synchronize files (down, up, or two-way). Once the job is created it will appear in the Folderpairs list.


Now tap the “Sync” button to run the job and synchronize your data. Do so on all your Android devices and you will have a shared repository always in-sync on all your mobile devices. And if you tap the small green “OK” label, you can see the details of the last time the synchronization job was run.


Easy and neat. And if you need it for personal use, both Server! and FolderSync are free; and of course both provide paid options for corporate use, so licensing is also very flexible.

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