New online and offline license activation method Server! v3.1.5.45 has introduced (per our customers’ request) a brand new online/offline license activation method that greatly simplifies the purchase process.

You don’t have to deal with the “System ID” anymore, in fact the Instance Controller now features a brand new “I have a License Code” button that you can push to activate the short and human-friendly license code you bought online. Note: the old “I have a License File” method is still supported for backward compatibility, but it is actually used only for offline activation of Enterprise licenses.


Once you push the “I have a License Code” button, a new license activation window will be shown. Simply insert your short license code in there, and push the “Activate Now!” button.


If you are connected to the Internet, the license activation is fully automatic. Your code will be validated, your full license info will be automatically downloaded, installed, and bound to your system. You are done!

But what happens if you are trying to activate Server! on a computer (or VM) that has no Internet access? No problem! The software will automatically detect such condition and show you the window here below:


Following the instructions shown here above, you have to copy the activation request code, then go to another computer that has internet access and point your browser to the URL shown in the picture.

Paste the activation request in your browser, in the web page that is displayed when you input the above URL, and you will receive your offline serial number.


Once you have generated the offline serial number through the browser, copy it and go back to the computer where Server! is installed. Paste the serial number into the appropriate field (as shown in the picture below) and click the “Offline Activation!” button.


You’re all set. Your Server! has now been activated even though you had no Internet access.

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