New release: Server! v3.0.1.31

It’s here! Server! v3.0 has finally arrived!

This article contains the official release notes, and it will be followed by an official press release, either later today or tomorrow at the latest.

In addition to the well-known feature set, the new version features the following new functions and capabilities:

  • Ability to run multiple instances of the service (FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SSH/SFTP) on a single physical or virtual machine
  • 20+ new event handlers that can automatically run scripts upon occurrence
  • Tens of new functions in the scripting engine
  • Specific configuration (and license) for high-availability (HA) deployment scenarios; multiple servers sharing the same storage and configuration/user database
  • W3C-compliant log files, so you can analyze them with your favorite standard log analyzer
  • Server-wide and per-user speed limits, that can vary depending on the network from which the user is performing the incoming connection (very granular!)
  • Stronger security with an all-new blacklist algorithm that protects against many more types of attack
  • Faster, much faster than any previous version of Server!

Please visit the Server! page on our web site to learn more about the new version…

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