New release: Server! v3.0.2.32

Every new major release is usually followed, shortly after, by a minor “hot-fix” release; so the time has come for version to be made available.

But we went beyond just fixing the (very few) glitches that were reported in v3.0, in fact this new version also comes with 3 additional features:

  1. Improved blacklist: the blacklist subsystem is now able to detect an additional kind of hammering attack that happens sometimes over SSH connections
  2. The real-time monitor in the Configuration Manager now shows the client’s “last request“, so the administrator can be aware of what each client is actually doing
  3. The Configuration Manager now has the ability to terminate (kick) a specific session, or all sessions at once (this feature was requested by some of our customers)

As usual you can download Server! from our web site. Thank you!

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