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New release: Syncplify.me Server! v2.0.6.26

While our customers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming new version 3 of Syncplify.me Server!, we do not underestimate the importance of supporting the existing version 2. Therefore we have released Syncplify.me Server! v2.0.6.26 today.

Here’s a short list of what’s fixed or new in the new version:

  • Fixed: compatibility issue with FileZilla Client
  • New: configuration of external IP for PASV connections (when behind NAT)

As usual you can download the updated version here.

Syncplify.me Server! v3 features W3C Log Files

Our development team is in the final stages of wrapping up the Log Server for the upcoming new major version of Syncplify.me Server! (v3).

In the past two days we have been conducting a series of tests, and these are the very first images that we can make available. Here below you can see the free edition of SmarterStats (the famous log analyzer by SmarterTools) producing a report based upon the analysis of our new Syncplify.me Server! v3 log files, which are in W3C standard format.

sstats1 Continue reading

Issues connecting to Syncplify.me Server! using FileZilla Client?

Seems like recent updates to the FileZilla Client have created some issues regarding secure (SSL and TLS) connections to Syncplify.me Server!

First of all we would like to inform our users that the issue is not caused by Syncplify.me Server!, in fact it is very well documented in two bug-reports of the FileZilla project (# 7873 and #9441) and it affects secure connections to several other servers, not just ours.

Anyhow… until a fixed version of the FileZilla Client is made available, we do recommend to download and use their version, which is the latest stable version before they broke compatibility. You can download it from SourceForge here.

Multiple instances of Syncplify.me Server! v3 on a single machine

One of the most awaited features for Syncplify.me Server! v3 is the ability to run multiple instances on a single computer, or even in a single VM (also in the cloud, why not?).

As we’re getting closer and closer to the release of the new major version, we’re happy to show you a screenshot of the very first multi-instance installation performed only few days ago on a VM in our test laboratory.


From this screenshot you will also notice another majorly important new feature of Syncplify.me Server! v3: the main service and the log service are not separated. This has boosted performance by leaps, while also increasing overall stability and isolation.

Note: YES, if you buy Syncplify.me Server! v2 today, you will receive a FREE upgrade to v3 as soon as it’s released.

Mail server migration – sorry for any inconvenience!

Hello everybody,

after the 4th network outage in less than 2 months with our e-mail provider, we have decided that it was time for us to switch to a different service.

Since July 11, 2014 till July 15, 2014 we have experienced serious difficulties both sending and receiving e-mails. We know for sure that several recipients have not received the e-mails we sent them, and we suspect we’ve missed some of the messages that were sent to us in such time frame.

Therefore we beg your pardon and kindly ask you to bear with us while we complete the migration process (by the end of day, today, July 15, 2014) and then – please – resend us your e-mails if you haven’t received our reply.

We always reply. If you haven’t got a reply, please, check your spam folder. If our reply is not even in your spam folder, then it means we haven’t received your message.

Thank you for your patience.

Syncplify, Inc.

New OpenSSL bug: Syncplify customers are still 100% safe!

After only a couple months from the discovery of the “Heartbleed” bug that affected the popular open-source library OpenSSL, a new bug has been found that could potentially expose user’s data.

And once again, all Syncplify customers are 100% safe, because none of our product uses (or has ever used) any version of the OpenSSL library.

Working on Syncplify.me Server! v3.0 (teaser)

One of the most common trade-offs when aiming at maximum security is usually performance. It is pretty obvious that a secure SSL/TLS file transfer session must necessarily be slower than an insecure/unencrypted session. But security is not the only aspect that can affect performance, and during the design phase of the upcoming new version Syncplify.me Server! we did our best to eliminate all possible bottlenecks that weren’t related to security features.

But we actually did much more than that. Here’s an outline of some of the new features that you will see in Syncplify.me Server! v3.0 (although the following list is not comprehensive, more new features will be announced in another post that will follow this one in few days): Continue reading