Parametric home directories Server! version: 4.0.26+

Another highly requested feature that we introduced in Server! v4 is parametric home directories.

Some of our customers, in fact, need to isolate every user in their own directory under a general “container”, the directory name being the same as the user’s username. They also requested that if a particular user’s home dir does not exist, it is automatically created when the user logs in.

A structure like this:

This is how you do it in Server! v4.

First of all you have to create a VFS with a parametric target, let’s call it “ParmHomes” and point it to “C:\SFTPData\[%USERNAME%]“:


Then we create our user profiles, and we choose the “ParmHomes” VFS as their home folder:


That’s it.

Now the home directory for user “user_one” will be “C:\SFTPData\user_one“, and the home directory for user “user_two” will be “C:\SFTPData\user_two“.

Each directory will be automatically created the first (or next) time each user logs in.

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