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More frequently than expected we receive questions from our users relative to the “codenames” of the various editions of our Server! software. Since now our version 3 is solid enough to allow us to fully focus on version 4 development, we think this is a good time to answer that question, and give our readers few more details regarding what to expect in the upcoming new major version.

  • Server! v1.x – codename SKETCH
    This was the first version, it had strict time-to-market deadlines, and we knew we wouldn’t make it to include all the features we wanted; yet, it was very well received by a large number of users, and it effectively cleared the path towards v2.
  • Server! v2.x – codename BLUEPRINT
    Version 2 was similar to v1, but much more polished and elegant: it delivered better security, a stronger automatic blacklist, improved scripting, more event handlers, a cleaner UI, and a humongous amount of tiny refinements that couldn’t make it for inclusion in v1.
  • Server! v3.x – codename CONCRETE
    Stable and rock-solid. Version 3 was a big architectural improvement that put to work everything we had learned while developing the first two versions, plus all the suggestions, requests, and recommendations that our users had sent us. A new database back-end, high availability made almost trivial, unparalleled stability and performance, multiple isolated instances on a single machine or VM, new licensing… this is the current version at the time this post is written, and according to our users’ feedback, the best version to date.
  • Server! v4.x – codename FOUNDATION
    Version 4 will leverage on the huge work done for v3 regarding stability and performance, but will be a big leap forward from a user experience standpoint: all traditional GUI management tools will be replaced by a modern and responsive HTML5/AJAX web interface that will interact with a solid set of REST API for the configuration. The CLI will still be present, but the new Web Configuration Manager will allow effortless (yet totally safe) remote management from anywhere, without the need for remote desktop. Furthermore, v4 will feature a refined impersonation technology, enriched set of scripting functions and objects, JSON-serialization, new database structure (even better than v3 for HA), and a dual-licensing system that will allow to consume the software “as a service” besides continuing to offer it in the traditional “download and install” mode.
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