Receive a notification email when someone tries to log in

A very common request from our customers is to be able to receive an email notification whenever someone tries to log into their FTP(S)/SFTP server with the wrong credentials.

You can do that by taking advantage of the new “after a failed authentication” event handler that we’ve introduced in Server! version Here is how to do it:

First of all you have to write a script that sends an email. Something like this:

Once you’ve written and saved the script with a name of your choice (and .pas extension in this case, as we wrote it in PascalScript) you can use the Server! Configuration Manager to associate the execution of the script to the occurrence of the “after a failed authentication” event.

Failed Login Event

Now every time a failed login occurs, your Server! will automatically run the above script, which will notify you via email of the unauthorized access attempt.

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