Secure FTP server: an intelligent blacklist

When running a highly secure file transfer server becomes a must, the conscious System Administrator knows that choosing a secure protocol (such as SFTP or FTPS) is just the first step, but – by itself – it’s not enough.

An SFTP server that can protect itself is an SFTP server that can protect you. That is why the new Server! v2.0.4.24 introduces even further improvements to its intelligent automatic blacklist. You can see a recap in this short video:



As you can see, it is now possible to:

  • Specify whether new IP addresses should be added to the blacklist temporarily or permanently
  • Add single IP addresses, as well as entire networks or subnets
  • Cleanup only the temporary entries, only the permanent ones, or empty the entire blacklist
  • Know how many sessions hit the blacklist in real-time, at any given time Server! One more step forward in protecting your file transfers.

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