SFTP Server on Windows 10

This article refers to Syncplify.me Server! v4.0, which – at the time the article is being written – is still in beta, and is not yet available for purchase by customers. The purpose of this article is to inform our users about some important upcoming features.

In an effort to be always few steps ahead of the competition, we are making sure the upcoming Syncplify.me Server! v4 plays well with the new version of Microsoft’s operating system. So when you have to choose your next SFTP server for Windows 10, you know where to go.

In the screenshot here below you can see Syncplify.me Server!’s Command-Line Interface (CLI) showing live server statistics while a number of clients are concurrently connected to it:


So far all tests are 100% successful: no memory leak, top-notch performance and speed, no security risk detected by any of the most famous vulnerability assessment tools. We’re getting closer and closer… and yes, we’re very excited! Hope our users are excited just as much as we are, as v4 will be our “biggest version to date”.

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