MFT! Alpha-2 is here

We just reached a new milestone in the development of MFT!, so we decided to release an updated installer for everyone to try and provide feedback (and, why not, bug reports).

If you haven’t read the introductory article, please do so now.

What’s new in Alpha-2 that wasn’t there in Alpha-1?

  • OTFE (On-The-Fly-Encryption): allows you to transparently and automatically encrypt all of your files as they are uploaded to a remote server, and decrypt them as they are downloaded back to your local storage.
  • Automatic Versioning: automatically keep your desired number of older versions of each file, every time you upload or download a file to/from a file server. Each versioned older copy of each file is automatically archived and timestamped for you.

  • Remote File-System Watcher: we already had FsWatcher() to keep local folders under monitoring and trigger events when files in them were created/deleted/modified; now we have added a remote version of the same tool, which allows you to monitor the content of directories on remote file servers.

We have also fixed a few little bugs, and added several more utility functions. Find the updated manual online, as usual.

Last but not least, here’s the installer you can download.

If you have feedback, or need to report bugs, please contact us here.

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