MFT! Alpha-3 is available

We just reached a new alpha version (alpha.3) of MFT!, so we decided to release an updated installer for everyone to try and provide feedback (and, why not, bug reports).

If you haven’t read the introductory article, please do so now.

What’s new in alpha.3 that wasn’t there in alpha.1 and alpha.2?

  • Move on Upload/Download: it is now possible to have MFT! perform uploads and downloads as “moves”, so when the proper options are set, after a successful upload/download the original source file will be deleted
  • Script Marketplace: the web UI now contains a Marketplace section, where you can find and import free and ready-made scripts, with time we’re planning on adding hundreds of free script to this Marketplace for our users to learn, take inspiration from, and quick-start their own script development
  • Heavily reworked web UI: the entire web interface has been reworked for clarity and ease of use.

Last but not least, here’s the installer you can download.

If you have feedback, or need to report bugs, please contact us here. Thank you!

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