Server! and Active Directory groups Server! also supports authentication for Active Directory groups. If you have several people who must share the same FTP(S)/SFTP server configuration, then putting them in the same AD group may greatly simplify your configuration.

You can, in fact, configure Server! to authenticate any user belonging to a specific Active Directory group. The picture here below gives you a decent visual explanation:


And there is also a handy “everyone else” option in Server! The special * (asterisk, or star) username represents all usernames that do not have a specific entry neither in the Server! user DB nor in the Windows/AD.

Important note: if you’re using Server! v4.0 or greater, please disregard the “format” suggested in this article and read this article instead.


This special virtual user (*) will be tested only after all attempts to authenticate the user against the internal user-DB and/or Windows or the Active Directory have failed. Therefore it works as a sort of “everyone else” after all existing users have been checked.

On the client side it is important to keep in mind that the user must authenticate with his/her full username (including the domain) and password. The explanatory screenshot below shows how to configure it in FileZilla, but the concept is the same regardless of the client software you’re using.



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