Server! v3.0: more on speed limits…

As we already mentioned in a previous post, Server! v3.0 will feature a very granular configuration regarding speed limits. This post explains how such limits work in detail.

First of all the are 2 lists of limits: a global list that refers to the whole server (regardless of the user who is connecting) and a second list that is defined in the user profile, and only affects that specific user.

Second, and most important, it is essential to understand that the speed limit list defined on a specific user, always prevails over the global one.

So let’s assume, for example, that the following limits are defined globally:

And the following limits are defined specifically for the user johndoe:

When the user johndoe connects from the local area network (192.168.X.X) he will have an upload/download speed limit of 1024 KB/s, as set in his own profile, regardless of what the global configuration limit is for the same network; the user configuration always supersedes the server’s global/default configuration.

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