Server! v3: a real-life user experience

During the final stages of development of Server! v3, we’re working very closely with our beta testers, which have been selected among our customers that have particularly high technical skills. The following is a brief interview to one of them.

Please, tell us something about yourself and your company

My name is Izzy Goldstein and I am the CTO at TeleGo – Here at TeleGo we specialize in online IP communications, our core business is providing phone systems as a service, but we also sell fiber-based Internet connections, and a wide variety of communication-related services such as PRI and MPLS and managed voice to our customers. TeleGo is rapidly growing, and quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all your business communications needs.

How did you find out about Server!?

We were looking for a SFTP server solution to use as a backup target for our PBX phone systems, so we’ve actively been searching, downloading, installing and comparing several solutions. Server! is one of them. After a thorough comparison we elected to use Server! not just because it’s a good software, but also because the customer support is truly outstanding.

How do you use Server! in your organization?

Originally we were simply looking for a SFTP server, but the secure FTPS support included in Server! is now playing an important role too. In fact we now have a number of phone systems performing backups to the SFTP server, as well as several other processes using FTPS to perform automated and semi-automated backups, so I would say we use Server! quite extensively in our organization today.

What are the main advantages of Server! v3-BETA over the current v2?

The most remarkable improvement from Server v2 to v3-BETA, in my opinion, is stability. Both in terms of dependability, and in terms of stable performance. As you can guess, when we backup 100’s of phone systems simultaneously, the server is heavily stressed; The new v3 not only does never crash, but it also maintains a steadily high level of performance, which is a huge improvement over v2. On top of that, we have appreciated how the new automated blacklist is much more efficient than the old one, and has already protected our systems from literally thousands of attack attempts in the past few weeks.

Overall, how would you consider your experience working with the Syncplify team?

The interaction with the Syncplify team is actually one of the reasons that led us to choose Server! Technical support is not just available, but truly willing to help, sometimes even beyond the scope of their own product. I was also involved as a beta-tester during the development of the new v3, and I got to suggest some features that were promptly evaluated and implemented by the development team; it’s like I’m part of it now, for once I’m dealing with a company that listens and cares about its customers needs and recommendations.

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