Server v3: more about the CLI

As many of you already know, the CLI (Command-Line Interface) is extremely useful as a server management tool in a wide variety of scenarios, especially for automating certain provisioning tasks.

We, at Syncplify, do not underestimate such concept, therefore the upcoming Server! v3 will feature a greatly improved CLI that will be able to configure every aspect and every option of the server, and – for the first time – also show its metadata.


In the picture here above you can see the new CLI showing the contents of the blacklist (which now include also a hit counter) and the server statistics (overall, and since last restart).


The picture above, instead, shows the CLI displaying some server/system properties, including the totally new “System ID” (indicated by the orange arrow), which is stable across instances and installations, and is not affected by dynamic MAC addresses when run inside a Virtual Machine.

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