Server! v4: JSON import/export

This article refers to Server! v4.0, which – at the time the article is being written – is still in beta, and is not yet available for purchase by customers. The purpose of this article is to inform our users about some important upcoming features.

As many of you already know, Server! is used by both small/medium businesses as well as large enterprises. The latter often require a very high degree of automation and integration in their existing systems and procedures. For such reason, the CLI (Command-Line Interface) if very frequently used to modify the server’s configuration and create/edit user profiles.

But writing an extensive command-line may not always be as easy as System Administrators wish. Opening a CMD or a PowerShell and typing a very long multi-line command with tens of switches may be, at times, a challenging task.

Therefore, as of version 4, Server! features import/export of configuration and user profiles from/to standard JSON-formatted files.

You can, for instance, export your entire configuration with a single, simple and short CLI command, as follows:

Once exported to a JSON-formatted text file, your configuration can be edited with any Notepad application, including the default Windows Notepad if you want to. The file looks like this:

And once you’ve made all the necessary edits, you can simply save the JSON-formatted configuration and re-import it into Server! with another extremely easy and short CLI command:

Same goes for user profiles, of course.

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