Server! v4: manageable via JSON REST web service Server! version: 4.0.0+

Getting closer and closer to the early availability of Server! v4, we think it’s time to share with our customers one of the biggest new features they can expect to find in the upcoming major version: a secure (authenticated) JSON REST web service that allows granular management and configuration of the server, user database, blacklist, and every other aspect.

Therefore, v4 will feature 3 ways to administer and manage your Server!:

  1. Via the Configuration Manager, a graphical point-and-click interface, super easy for everyone
  2. Via the CLI (command-line interface), ideal for quick integration and automation without too much prototyping
  3. Via the JSON REST web service, perfect for software developers to fully manage every little detail programmatically from within their applications

We can’t wait to release an early-availability version to our selected Beta Testers, and let our amazing supporters start trying it out.

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