Server! v4: simplicity and power Server! version: 4.0.0+

Designing software for a large customer base is not an easy task. Some users want simplicity, very few and easy “clicks” to get their server up and running, no distractions, not too many things to look at, and that often sacrifices power. Other users (usually Enterprise customers) need to be able to perform complex deployments, integrated into complicated existing environments, they need to be able to configure every single tiny detail of the solution to fit into a much bigger architecture, and all that power often sacrifices simplicity.

When we designed Server! v4 we have kept all of this in mind, and we have accomplished a design that “adapts” to the user’s needs and desires. In fact, v4 features simplified, wizard-driven configuration for those users who require simplicity, and yet advanced users can plan and execute their deployments down to the tiniest detail by configuring every single aspect, even when the architecture is very complicated.

So, you can deploy a single SFTP/FTP(S) server in less than 2 minutes (seriously, we measured it) just by clicking “next, next, next, finish” on the wizards, and obtain a single-node configuration like this:


More advanced users, though, can easily plan and deploy a multi-node configuration, with multiple highly-available SFTP/FTP(S) servers that act as one, backed by redundant storage, multiple database nodes, and a remote log server. Like this:


Yes, everything you see below the Load Balancer will look and behave as a single, high-power, always-up, secure file transfer server. And it is still manageable through a single graphical management interface, to avoid unnecessary¬†complications even for advanced users. And the best part is that you won’t need to go through the complicated process of setting up a Windows Cluster, the only thing you need is a load-balancer and Server! will to all the rest of the “magic” for you.

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