Server! v4 Test: 200,000 files in 1 folder Server! version: 4.0.0+

We had customers reporting that Server! v3 session threads may stall (and use up an entire CPU core) during directory listing if a single folder to be listed contains a large number of files, say north of 20,000.

First we tested our v3 to confirm the issue, then we tested many other FTP/SFTP servers, and found out that none of the tested competitors passed the test either. Some of them crashed around 10,000 files, the best ones crashed around 65,000.

Then we tested our own new Virtual File System that comes with Server! v4… and, well, we think that a picture is worth a thousand words:


Yes! Server! v4 was able to list 200,000 files in a single folder, in a matter of seconds (including the time for FileZilla to process and reorder the list) and with no stalling or crashing whatsoever. Another step forward to our best version to date!

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