Server! v4: the Virtual File System (VFS) Server! version: 4.0.0+

One of the biggest additions to the upcoming version 4.0 of Server! is the VFS (Virtual File System) support. But what is it exactly? And what advantages does it bring to our users?

Let’s start by setting the bar with v3. Our version 3.x, in fact – as nearly every competitor – allows you to place users’ “homes” (root directories) on a disk. It can be a local or a network disk, but it’s basically disk-based. The following picture explains the concept in a visual way:


The new version 4.0, instead, virtualizes the back-end storage access subsystem by adopting a Virtual File System (VFS) architecture, which makes it possible to store your FTP/SFTP server data (user’s home and virtual directories) in any of the supported virtual file systems. The following picture shows the concept in a graphical way, and it’s better than a thousand words:


At the moment 2 virtual file system back-ends are already available and tested: disk (same as v3) and encrypted-disk (which features PCI/DSS and HIPAA compliant encrypted disk locations/folders). But soon you’ll be able to use your Server! v4 to access your Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure cloud storage, place your users’ home directories in the cloud and access them through your local SFTP server!

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