Server! v5.0.18 released

We have released version 5.0.18 of our flagship product, Server!

This update features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: a bug the VFS cache that would make it terribly slow to add one more VFS when you already have many (300+)
  • Fixed: a bug in the SMSCLI (command-line utility) that on certain systems could not connect to the REST service
  • Fixed: several little bugs and glitches in the web interface reported by our users

As usual, you can download this update from our web site.

Thank you.

PCI and HIPAA compliant administrative logs Server! version: 4.0.0+

Another requirement found in the latest versions of both PCI-DSS and HIPAA regulations is the necessity to keep an “untamperable” log of all configuration operations performed by any administrator.

Digitally signing every single log line is not enough, as the disloyal employee could simply delete some log lines entirely. Therefore each line should have a numeric incremental ID (to make it easier to spot “holes”) and each line’s digital signature should “roll over” and be calculated including the previous line’s digital signature in the signed data. This way an administrator cannot delete one (or several) log lines without being spotted.

Furthermore, to make log analysis even easier, each log line is not actually just a “line of plain text”, rather it’s a JSON object that can be easily queried. Here below you can see a typical “log line” showing a call to a configuration REST API and the relative response and signature: