MFT! Beta-2 is available

We have just released MFT! “beta.2”, and we’re heading full speed towards the final release (general availability) of our newest software.

This new beta version:

  • improves the web UI
  • fixes bugs we found
  • fixes bugs you guys found and reported to us (thank you!!)

To download this beta version you can go here:

Thank you in advance for your feedback! Server! V5 Beta-2

We have released the second beta of Server! V5.

This new beta fixes all the issues and bugs that have been reported by our users and customers, and is – in general – much more solid than the first beta.

In particular, this second beta can upgrade older v3.x and v4.x, but obviously only and exclusively in test environments. Being a beta version, deployment in production environments is strictly forbidden.

Furthermore, this new beta also allows for deployment of High Availability (HA) installations, so our users and customers can finally try out the brand new – and much improved – HA scheme that V5 incorporates.

Find Server! V5 BETA-2 here. MicroServer! first BETA available

A new tiny-tiny product is about to join its “older brother” Server!… we called it MicroServer!

In a nutshell, MicroServer! is a portable SFTP server that doesn’t need any installation, just download and double-click to run. It’s free for any use, including business and commercial, but it’s very limited.

Unlike Server!, in fact, this MicroServer!:

  • only supports SFTP (no shell, no tunnels, no FTP/S)
  • only supports basic SFTP commands, no remote copy or other “fancy stuff”
  • cannot run as a system service
  • supports only 1 user profile, 1 root folder, and connections from 1 client at a time
  • doesn’t have PKI authentication, nor granular configuration
  • doesn’t have web interface, nor CLI, nor REST API

It’s basically a super-simplistic (yet highly secure) SFTP server that fits in less than 3 MB (yes, you’ve read it correctly, less than 3 MegaBytes) and can be carried around on a USB stick, and run directly from there, without even needing to be executed “as Administrator”. Ideal for brief, sudden file transfers, without giving up on security.

Interested in checking out the first BETA? You can download it here. Server! v3.0 Release-Candidate (download)

We finally got there! The release-candidate for our Server! v3.0 is ready for everyone to download, install, try, and use.

All features and components are in place, including the brand new Instance Controller to deploy multiple instances on a single computer/VM, the possibility to deploy Server! in a high-availability configuration, and a new Configuration Manager that reflects the many changes and adds settings for speed limits and real-time monitoring.

We’re still renaming the various license types, but we’ll get there in a matter of days. In the meantime you can download the installer and try it on your own system (64-bit only for now, sorry).

Even though this version is stable and has passed all security and reliability tests in our labs, it is still recommended to avoid running it in a production environment until the final v3.0 release is made publicly available (which will happen in a matter of days).

Roadmap to Server! v3.0 update

Here’s an updated “roadmap” for the upcoming Server! v3.0.

BETA-1 (done):

  • Fully functional FTP(E/S) and SSH/SFTP server
  • Fully functional Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Simple tool to create new default instance configuration or import an old v2.0 configuration
  • Totally autonomous Log Server as a self-contained component (dramatically increase performance)

BETA-2 (done):

  • Fix several bugs found in BETA-1
  • Addition of GUI Configuration Manager

BETA-3 (done):

  • Fix bugs found in BETA-2
  • Fully functional Instance Controller to create/manage multiple instances on the same computer/VM and/or configure High Availability (HA) deployments

RC-1 (done):

  • Fix bugs found in BETA-3

Pricing and licensing will also be updated:

  • The “free for exclusively personal use” license will still exist
  • All licenses will now include all functions, including scriptable event handling, and Active Directory integration (previously included only in our “Plus” editions)
  • There will be 3 types of paid licenses:
    • 1 instance on 1 computer
    • multi-instance (multi-domain) on 1 computer
    • HA license (based on the number of “nodes” in your highly-available deployment)
  • All 3 licenses here above will be available both as standard license (perpetual license with optional yearly maintenance/support contract) or SaaS license (software-as-a-service billed monthly, basically an all-inclusive  pay-as-you-go that comes with cloud virtual server, storage space, bandwidth, and – of course – Server)
  • As the base price will be higher than v2.0, and considering that v2.0 comes with an included 1-year update/upgrade protection coverage, we recommend to buy Server! v2.0 today, and get your free v3.0 upgrade as soon as it’s released. This option will no longer available after the release of v3.0. Server! v3.0 second public beta (download)

Thank you for your patience, we are getting closer and closer every day!

This second public beta features only one significant difference versus the first beta we released slightly more than a week ago: it includes the GUI (Graphical User Interface) Configuration Manager.

Well, enough words, here’s the link to download Server! v3.0-BETA2.

As usual, your help won’t go unrewarded: report a new minor bug and get 10% off, report a new major bug and you get a free full license when the final v3.0 is released.