Server! v4.0.13 released

We have just released version 4.0.13 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug in the DiskAES256 encrypted Virtual File System (VFS) – this bug prevented files from being correctly downloaded if the client requested odd-sized or unaligned buffers

Very important: to fix this bug we had to change the way we encrypt files at-rest via DiskAES256 VFS; so if you use this particular type of VFS, please, make sure you download all your files to a non-encrypted location before you update to 4.0.13, after the update please delete all files from the location that was protected by the DiskAES256 VFS and re-upload them all. We sincerely apologize for the hassle.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4.0.6 released

We have just released version 4.0.6 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Two distinct PCI-compliant configurations to prevent backward compatibility issues
  • Better support for Internet Explorer (still not the recommended browser though)
  • Fixed an issue with self-signed X.509 certificate serial numbers

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4.0.5 released

We have just released version 4.0.5 of our Server! software. This version improves compatibility with Internet Explorer (Chrome and Firefox were already perfectly supported) and fixes a couple of little glitches in the web interface.

Note: regardless of these improvements, Internet Explorer is still causing a lot of trouble, so we strongly recommend to use a better browser and limit the use of IE to view-only/read-only situations. Chrome and Firefox, on the other hand, work like a charm and can be used for all your configuration purposes.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4.0.3 released!

We have just released version 4.0.3 of our Server! software. This version fixes a specific issue that only affected Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter edition; the problem may have occasionally stopped the REST API service when certain conditions were met. Now it’s fixed.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server!: No worries about POODLE SSLv3 bug.

By now, everyone has heard about the POODLE bug, that’s scaring every system administrator these days.

Unfortunately it is a design flaw in SSLv3, therefore the only thing you can do to go around it is to disable SSLv3 from all your servers (whatever they are, IIS, Apache, …, all SSL-capable servers).

Fortunately Server! has – by design – a very easy way to do that. As shown in the picture below, just make sure the SSLv3 option is unchecked, and save your configuration. There you go, you’re safe now.

poodle Server! v3.0 PUBLIC BETA (Download)

And here’s the long awaited first public beta of Server! v3.0!!

Few things about this beta version:

  • It comes without a GUI Configuration Manager (only Command Line Interface), a graphical configuration utility will be included in the second beta that will be sent to all testers who have downloaded this one. All server-side features, though, from speed limits to the new scripting functions, from statistics to the new blacklist, are included and ready to be stress-tested.
  • It supports 64-bit Windows, all versions XP through Server 2012-R2; 32 bit support will be available as of the second beta.
  • There is no automatic installer at the moment: this first beta comes as a ZIP archive. The archive contains very easy and detailed installation instructions in PDF format.
  • Your help will be rewarded: 10% discount for every new (not yet reported by others) non-critical bug you report, or even a full free license if you are the first to identify and report a critical bug (a bug that affects the stability of the server).

Enough words. Here’s the link to download Server! v3.0-BETA1.

New OpenSSL bug: Syncplify customers are still 100% safe!

After only a couple months from the discovery of the “Heartbleed” bug that affected the popular open-source library OpenSSL, a new bug has been found that could potentially expose user’s data.

And once again, all Syncplify customers are 100% safe, because none of our product uses (or has ever used) any version of the OpenSSL library.

OpenSSL bug: our customers are safe (cause we don’t use it)!

heartbleedBreaking news: a terrifying (to say the least) bug in OpenSSL has been discovered and publicly disclosed. This serious security flaw affects OpenSSL’s heartbeat feature, and it’s therefore been named “heartbleed”.

We, at Syncplify, want to reassure all of our users and customers: none of our products uses or has ever used OpenSSL or any of its components. Server!, FTP!, and FTP Scrip!, all include a SSL/TLS stack that is not based on OpenSSL, and therefore is not affected by the recently discovered bug.

Once again, users of Syncplify software products are safe.