CSID and software identification over FTP(E/S)

This article refers to a new feature that will be introduced in the upcoming Syncplify.me Server! version 4.0.

Software identification (server-side) is intrinsic to the SSH (and therefore SFTP) protocol, and has always been supported by Syncplify.me Server! since version 1.0. But the new version 4.0 introduces full support for the CSID (Client/Server ID) extension of the FTP protocol as well.

Therefore, starting from Syncplify.me Server! v4.0, the BeforeSendSoftwareID event-handler now applies to all protocols of the FTP family (FTP, FTPS, and FTPES). Using the scripting framework you can redefine the server identification, and thus run your own “under cover” FTP(E/S) server that declares to be anything you want. Continue reading