How to: fix a white-list or safe-list suddenly empty Server! version: 4.0.0-4.1.4

Occasionally users report that their white-list or safe-list in the web management interface suddenly shows up as “empty” and they cannot add any more IP addresses or networks to it. That bug was already previously documented in our knowledge base, and has been resolved/fixed as of version 4.1.5.

The misbehavior is caused by the fact that an Admin has added the same IP or network twice to the list(s).
Upgrading to the latest version will prevent Admins from adding any more duplicates… but it does not sanitize the existing lists, so you will still have to “clean” your lists manually before you can see them again. Continue reading Server! v4: scripting framework differences Server! version: 4.0.0+

The scripting framework in Server! v4.0, which is used by the event-handling subsystem, is significantly different from the one found in previous versions. Yet, we did our best to preserve backward compatibility for the scripts you may have written in the past. Continue reading

Maintenance release: Server! v3.1.21.61

We have just released version of our Server!

This new maintenance release fixes a bug in the Configuration Manager that prevented the hash code of some CA-issued certifricates (especially wildcard ones) from being calculated. This was just a visualization bug, all certificates were still working correctly in the SFTP/FTP(S) server, but if you use a CA-issued wildcard certificate you might want to install this update.

As usual you can download the latest version from our web site. Thank you!