MFT! v1.0.3 released

We have released version 1.0.3 of our MFT! software for Windows.

This update features the following improvements:

  • Added: possibility to export scripts in an encrypted form that can be copied to (and be run on) any other computer that has MFT! installed; these encrypted scripts are run by simply double clicking on the script file, without importing them into the web interface

As usual, you can download this update from our web site.

Thank you. Server! v5.0.26 released

We have released version 5.0.26 of our flagship product, Server!

This update features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: occasionally the dashboard would display the wrong maximum number of allowed client connections
  • Fixed: on certain operating systems and architectures the SSH-2 host/server public keys were not exportable

As usual, you can download this update from our web site.

Thank you.

How to use VFS.ImportFile and VFS.ExportFile Server! version: 4.1.6+

As of version 4.1.6, Server! added 2 new functions to the VFS object for you to use inside your event-handling scripts (requires the Ultimate edition of the software).

Say, for example, that you have an encrypted VFS, like a VFS of type DiskAES256 as shown in the picture here below: Continue reading Server! v4.1.6 released

We have just released version 4.1.6 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: bug in the REST server that caused outbound connections to be attempted even when the server was working “offline”
  • Experimental: VFS.ImportFile and VFS.ExportFile functions to import and export files into/out-of the current VFS from inside event-handling scripts (with support for both plain and encrypted VFS types)

Warning: upgrading to this version from any version prior to 4.0.34 will invalidate your license, so please if you are a customer – before you upgrade – contact us to request a license reset.

Note: if after the update you notice any unexpected behavior in the web interface, just hit Ctrl-F5 in your browser; that will force the browser to reload the page as well as all back-end scripts and update the ones that may have been cached from previous versions of the software.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4: JSON import/export

This article refers to Server! v4.0, which – at the time the article is being written – is still in beta, and is not yet available for purchase by customers. The purpose of this article is to inform our users about some important upcoming features.

As many of you already know, Server! is used by both small/medium businesses as well as large enterprises. The latter often require a very high degree of automation and integration in their existing systems and procedures. For such reason, the CLI (Command-Line Interface) if very frequently used to modify the server’s configuration and create/edit user profiles.

But writing an extensive command-line may not always be as easy as System Administrators wish. Opening a CMD or a PowerShell and typing a very long multi-line command with tens of switches may be, at times, a challenging task.

Therefore, as of version 4, Server! features import/export of configuration and user profiles from/to standard JSON-formatted files. Continue reading