Server! v4: new blacklist item formats Server! version: 4.0.0+

A nice addition to the latest internal beta of Server! v4 is a more flexible way to specify IP ranges for the blacklist.

In v3 you could only specify blacklist items in the following formats:

  • single IP addresses (ex:
  • IP/subnet-mask (ex:

In v4, instead, you will be able to use any of the following formats:

  • Single IP address (ex: – same as in v3
  • IP/subnet-mask (ex: – same as in v3
  • CIDR notation (ex: – new
  • Wildcards (ex: 192.168.172.* or even 192.168.1??.*) – new

One more improvement to make our users’ life easier…

Clarification: W3C log file format and UTC timestamps Server! version: 1.0.0+

Every once in a while we receive a support request from some customer asking us how to “fix” the timestamp in the log files, because it’s few hours ahead/behind.

The thing is that such timestamp is not ahead nor behind: it’s always in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), and that is not our arbitrary choice; in fact, the W3C Extended Log File Format official working document clearly states that the timestamp must refer to the GMT time zone without daylight savings bias, which is – indeed – called UTC for brevity.

For such reason, all existing log analysis software products are designed to take that into account and adapt the generated reports to the current time zone of the machine that runs the analysis.

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