How to: use Server! to keep your Android devices in sync

Some of our users are asking how to use Server! as a shared repository to keep files/folders on their Android devices always in sync.

There are various Android FTP(S)/SFTP clients that work smoothly with Server! but, in this case, we need more: we need one that doesn’t just transfer files between Android and FTP(S)/SFTP, but can also keep them in sync.

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New release: FTP! version 1.0-BETA

Today we have released the very first BETA version of FTP! It’s still a little bit rough, but all functions are in place, the GUI is pretty elegant and easy to use, and the speed can keep up (and in most cases exceed) with the most famous FTP clients around. We’re very satisfied, now we await for your comments and feedback.

Please download it today from our web site!