Server! v4.0.17 released

We have just released version 4.0.17 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Added: new bearer-token authorization mode for the REST API (and updated the help/documentation accordingly)
  • Added: [%USER_DESC%], [%TODAY%] and [%SESS_CUSTDATA%] in VFS base path definition
  • Fixed: bug that prevented JSCH-based clients from downloading files correctly

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v2.0.7.27 hot-fix 1

If you have downloaded and installed Server! v2.0.7.27 in the past 6 days, and are experiencing problems with the X.509 certificate on your FTPS (or FTPES) connections, please download v2.0.7.27-hotfix-1 from our web site, and update your instance.

This is a pure hot-fix release, nothing else has been changed, no improvements were made, and no features were altered. Therefore, if you are not experiencing any trouble, you won’t need this update. Thank you.