Server! v4.0.16 released

We have just released version 4.0.16 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Added: compound percentage index to improve Protector™
  • Improved: directory listings now feature attribute-placeholders for virtual directories
  • Improved: better checking of target syntax for all VFS types
  • Fixed: bug in the scripting framework that prevented scripted wildcard (catch-all) user authentication
  • Fixed: DiskAES256 VFS encryption-key change is now (correctly) disabled
  • Fixed: various glitches in the web interface

Note: we skipped version 4.0.15 as we used such build number internally for some laboratory tests.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4 Test: 200,000 files in 1 folder Server! version: 4.0.0+

We had customers reporting that Server! v3 session threads may stall (and use up an entire CPU core) during directory listing if a single folder to be listed contains a large number of files, say north of 20,000.

First we tested our v3 to confirm the issue, then we tested many other FTP/SFTP servers, and found out that none of the tested competitors passed the test either. Some of them crashed around 10,000 files, the best ones crashed around 65,000.

Then we tested our own new Virtual File System that comes with Server! v4… and, well, we think that a picture is worth a thousand words: Continue reading

Maintenance release: Server! v3.1.23.63

We have just released version of our Server!

This new maintenance release addresses a “foggy” area in the FTP protocol standard: the MLSD command will now accept wildcards (ex: *.txt) in the request path, and return an error only when a fully qualified file name is provided. This added flexibility mimics the behavior of several other FTP servers on the market, and ultimately improves compatibility with many existing and legacy FTP clients.

As usual you can download the latest version from our web site. Thank you!

FTP Script! lesson: using the new features in v3.1 FTP Script! version: 3.1.0+

FTP Script! v3.1.0.50, released earlier today, comes with a bunch of new features and functions to simplify some tasks related to the management of local files. In fact, it’s not just about transferring files to/from FTP servers… what you do with those files after/before you upload/download them to your local disk also matters!

In earlier versions of FTP Script! the FileCopy function, for example, was very limited. It could copy only one file at a time, and it had no support for wildcard file masks. In v3.1 we greatly improved it, and you can now use it this way:

The third parameter (set to true in the example here above) determines whether the function should overwrite the destination file(s) if it/they already exist.

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New release: FTP Script! v3.1.0.50

We have just released version of our FTP Script!

This new version comes with a series of nice improvements and additions to the local file management functions, such as:

  • The FileCopy function now supports wildcards and an optional Overwrite parameter
  • A brand new FileMove function, with the same parameters and usage criteria as the FileCopy function here above
  • A brand new FileEnum function to search for files in directories that supports wildcards and optional recursive search in subdirectories

As usual you can download the latest version from our web site. Thank you!

Scripting lesson: email a list of all uploaded files Server! version: 3.1.21+

One of the ready-made script examples that is installed along with Server! shows how to notify someone via email each time a file is uploaded. But what if you wanted to send only one email, at the end of the file transfer session, with the list of all files that were uploaded in such session?

You can easily do that with 2 simple scripts bound to 2 different event handlers.

First of all you will need a script bound to the “AfterFileUpload” event handler, to keep the list up to date:

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