MicroServer! first BETA available

A new tiny-tiny product is about to join its “older brother” Server!… we called it MicroServer!

In a nutshell, MicroServer! is a portable SFTP server that doesn’t need any installation, just download and double-click to run. It’s free for any use, including business and commercial, but it’s very limited.

Unlike Server!, in fact, this MicroServer!:

  • only supports SFTP (no shell, no tunnels, no FTP/S)
  • only supports basic SFTP commands, no remote copy or other “fancy stuff”
  • cannot run as a system service
  • supports only 1 user profile, 1 root folder, and connections from 1 client at a time
  • doesn’t have PKI authentication, nor granular configuration
  • doesn’t have web interface, nor CLI, nor REST API

It’s basically a super-simplistic (yet highly secure) SFTP server that fits in less than 3 MB (yes, you’ve read it correctly, less than 3 MegaBytes) and can be carried around on a USB stick, and run directly from there, without even needing to be executed “as Administrator”. Ideal for brief, sudden file transfers, without giving up on security.

Interested in checking out the first BETA? You can download it here.