FTP Script! v3 is coming!

While working on the new version of our flagship product, Syncplify.me Server! v4, we have not forgotten our many FTP Script! users. Our team has been working hard on the brand new major version, and we’re now happy to announce that in few days Syncplify.me FTP Script v3.0 will be released.

The main limitation of version 1 and 2 was its single-threaded architecture. Although ideal for unattended file transfer operations, the single thread may become a significant performance hurdle when it comes to uploading or downloading a massive amount of small files.

Therefore all upload/download operations in FTP Script! v3 are now multi-threaded, and you can decide how many concurrent upload/download threads will be used in each transfer operation, and even change it multiple times within a single script. Continue reading

Multiple instances of Syncplify.me Server! v3 on a single machine

One of the most awaited features for Syncplify.me Server! v3 is the ability to run multiple instances on a single computer, or even in a single VM (also in the cloud, why not?).

As we’re getting closer and closer to the release of the new major version, we’re happy to show you a screenshot of the very first multi-instance installation performed only few days ago on a VM in our test laboratory.


From this screenshot you will also notice another majorly important new feature of Syncplify.me Server! v3: the main service and the log service are not separated. This has boosted performance by leaps, while also increasing overall stability and isolation.

Note: YES, if you buy Syncplify.me Server! v2 today, you will receive a FREE upgrade to v3 as soon as it’s released.