New release: Server! v3.1.0.40

We have just released Server! v3.1.0.40. This new version fixes/adds the following:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct encoding of dates and times in FTP file listings on operating system locales other than English
  • Fixed few glitches in the Configuration Manager
  • Added color-coding to both command-line components
  • Added custom SendToClient function to the scripting subsystem (only for FTP/S protocols)

As usual you can download the new version from our web site.

New release: FTP Script! v2.0.8.28

We have just released a maintenance (minor) update to our FTP Script! software. This new update fixes a couple minor glitches in the previous version, and adds the following 3 functions to the scripting engine:

  1. Sleep: suspends the script execution for a specified amount of time
  2. ExecApp: executes an external application and immediately continues running the script
  3. ExecAppAndWait: executes an external app, and pauses the script execution until the spawned app has terminated its execution

As usual you can download the new version from our web site.

New release: Server! v3.0.3.33 (minor fix)

We just released v3.0.3.33 of our Server! software.

This version only fixes a small glitch with Windows/AD user management, where it wasn’t possible to apply multi-factor authentication to such profiles (the field in the Configuration Manager was erroneously disabled).

As usual, you can download the new version here. Thank you for your support!

New release: Server! v3.0.2.32

Every new major release is usually followed, shortly after, by a minor “hot-fix” release; so the time has come for version to be made available.

But we went beyond just fixing the (very few) glitches that were reported in v3.0, in fact this new version also comes with 3 additional features:

  1. Improved blacklist: the blacklist subsystem is now able to detect an additional kind of hammering attack that happens sometimes over SSH connections
  2. The real-time monitor in the Configuration Manager now shows the client’s “last request“, so the administrator can be aware of what each client is actually doing
  3. The Configuration Manager now has the ability to terminate (kick) a specific session, or all sessions at once (this feature was requested by some of our customers)

As usual you can download Server! from our web site. Thank you!

Press release: Server! version 3.0 is now available

Media contacts:

Helga Kessler
Syncplify, Inc. Server!, v3.0, the long-awaited new major version of Syncplify’s award-winning FTP(S) and SFTP server comes with a long list of new features and updates.

WILMINGTON, DE – October 3, 2014 – Syncplify, Inc., a young yet award-winning software development company that delivers enterprise-grade secure file transfer solutions (FTPS/SFTP client and server), after several months of intensive design and development, has released its new version of the Server! Version 3.0 delivers many new features, some of which were requested by the customers and some created by the Syncplify development team. Server! is a highly secure and scalable file transfer server software that implements the SFTP protocol alongside a state-of-the-art FTP(S) protocol implementation. It natively supports SSL and TLS without relying neither on OpenSSL nor on Bash, and therefore is – by design – not affected by the two major vulnerabilities most recently discovered. Server! v3.0 features (among other functions):

  • Ability to run multiple instances of the server on a single system (computer or VM)
  • 20+ new event handlers, and tens of new functions supported by the scripting engine
  • Brand new HA (high availability) configuration deployment
  • W3C-compliant log files (compatible with all major log analyzers)
  • Server-wide and per-user speed limits
  • Stronger security and better automatic blacklist
  • Much faster transfers than any previous version: performance increased by over 200% Server! prices range from a free license, for a personal use, to an Enterprise license allowing unlimited number of users, unlimited number of concurrent connections, and unlimited number of clients per protocol for only $3,999. All products support the Windows operating system, starting from XP to the latest Windows Server 2012 R2, both 32 and 64 bit. More information can be found at

About Syncplify

Syncplify, Inc. is a young and dynamic ISV that aggregates several software designers and developers from around the world, each of them with at least 15 years of experience in secure file transfer solutions. Acclaimed for its notorious Notepad!, Syncplify also provides corporations, government and financial institutions, and several security agencies with the most secure file transfer server and client software.

New release: Server! v3.0.1.31

It’s here! Server! v3.0 has finally arrived!

This article contains the official release notes, and it will be followed by an official press release, either later today or tomorrow at the latest.

In addition to the well-known feature set, the new version features the following new functions and capabilities:

  • Ability to run multiple instances of the service (FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SSH/SFTP) on a single physical or virtual machine
  • 20+ new event handlers that can automatically run scripts upon occurrence
  • Tens of new functions in the scripting engine
  • Specific configuration (and license) for high-availability (HA) deployment scenarios; multiple servers sharing the same storage and configuration/user database
  • W3C-compliant log files, so you can analyze them with your favorite standard log analyzer
  • Server-wide and per-user speed limits, that can vary depending on the network from which the user is performing the incoming connection (very granular!)
  • Stronger security with an all-new blacklist algorithm that protects against many more types of attack
  • Faster, much faster than any previous version of Server!

Please visit the Server! page on our web site to learn more about the new version… Server! v3.0 Release-Candidate (download)

We finally got there! The release-candidate for our Server! v3.0 is ready for everyone to download, install, try, and use.

All features and components are in place, including the brand new Instance Controller to deploy multiple instances on a single computer/VM, the possibility to deploy Server! in a high-availability configuration, and a new Configuration Manager that reflects the many changes and adds settings for speed limits and real-time monitoring.

We’re still renaming the various license types, but we’ll get there in a matter of days. In the meantime you can download the installer and try it on your own system (64-bit only for now, sorry).

Even though this version is stable and has passed all security and reliability tests in our labs, it is still recommended to avoid running it in a production environment until the final v3.0 release is made publicly available (which will happen in a matter of days). Server! v3.0 PUBLIC BETA (Download)

And here’s the long awaited first public beta of Server! v3.0!!

Few things about this beta version:

  • It comes without a GUI Configuration Manager (only Command Line Interface), a graphical configuration utility will be included in the second beta that will be sent to all testers who have downloaded this one. All server-side features, though, from speed limits to the new scripting functions, from statistics to the new blacklist, are included and ready to be stress-tested.
  • It supports 64-bit Windows, all versions XP through Server 2012-R2; 32 bit support will be available as of the second beta.
  • There is no automatic installer at the moment: this first beta comes as a ZIP archive. The archive contains very easy and detailed installation instructions in PDF format.
  • Your help will be rewarded: 10% discount for every new (not yet reported by others) non-critical bug you report, or even a full free license if you are the first to identify and report a critical bug (a bug that affects the stability of the server).

Enough words. Here’s the link to download Server! v3.0-BETA1.

New release: Server! v2.0.7.27

After the recent addition of the public IP to be used for PASV connections, we have now improved such feature by adding the possibility to specify a “local LAN” address space to which the above mentioned configuration will not be applied. Basically this makes your NATted server able to accept PASV connections both from inside and outside your Local Area Network (LAN).

You can download the latest version from our web site, as usual.

New release: Server! v2.0.6.26

While our customers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming new version 3 of Server!, we do not underestimate the importance of supporting the existing version 2. Therefore we have released Server! v2.0.6.26 today.

Here’s a short list of what’s fixed or new in the new version:

  • Fixed: compatibility issue with FileZilla Client
  • New: configuration of external IP for PASV connections (when behind NAT)

As usual you can download the updated version here.