MFT! Alpha-3 is available

We just reached a new alpha version (alpha.3) of MFT!, so we decided to release an updated installer for everyone to try and provide feedback (and, why not, bug reports).

If you haven’t read the introductory article, please do so now.

What’s new in alpha.3 that wasn’t there in alpha.1 and alpha.2?

  • Move on Upload/Download: it is now possible to have MFT! perform uploads and downloads as “moves”, so when the proper options are set, after a successful upload/download the original source file will be deleted
  • Script Marketplace: the web UI now contains a Marketplace section, where you can find and import free and ready-made scripts, with time we’re planning on adding hundreds of free script to this Marketplace for our users to learn, take inspiration from, and quick-start their own script development
  • Heavily reworked web UI: the entire web interface has been reworked for clarity and ease of use.

Last but not least, here’s the installer you can download.

If you have feedback, or need to report bugs, please contact us here. Thank you! Server! v5.0.24 released

We have released version 5.0.24 of our flagship product, Server!

This update features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: small bug that prevented saving changes to your existing scripts in high-availability (HA) deployments of the Ultimate edition

As usual, you can download this update from our web site.

Thank you.

Maintenance release: FTP Script! v3.1.6.56

We have just released version of our FTP Script!

This version delivers a hot-fix for the bug found in the Download function that affects only downloads to UNC destinations. If you are using scripts that download files to UNC paths, you are encouraged to download and install this update.

As usual you can download the latest version from our web site. Thank you!

Monitor a directory, and upload/archive files as they arrive FTP Script! version: 3.1.6+

Monitoring a directory for certain files, and as soon as they become available (someone puts them in that directory) upload them somewhere else and then move the original files to a different location (archive) on the local disk. This is one of the most common questions from our FTP Script! users.

For such reason we have prepared the sample script below. It will probably fit the most common cases, and it’s a decent learning tool as well as starting point to create your own (more complex) scripts to accomplish your very own particular task.  Continue reading

Scripting lesson: using scripting and session info Server! version: 4.0.13+

This articles shows how to use scripting, event-handling and session information from within Server! For the sake of this example we will only log such information in the log file, but in real-life production scenarios you can use these info as you wish (for example you may want to send them via email to someone, or even make decisions based upon them).

Let’s start by preparing the script that – as we said – will log some info in your Server!’s log file:

We save the above script with the following name/description: “Log several client and connection info”.

Then we add an event-handler to trigger the execution of the script. Since the script contain references to file-transfer-related variables (VirtualObjectName and ObjectName) it seems obvious to trigger its execution upon occurrence of a file-transfer-related event. For the sake of this example we have chosen the AfterFileUpload event, which occurs every time a file is successfully uploaded by a client onto the server. Continue reading

Scripting lesson: email a list of all uploaded files Server! version: 4.0.0+

One of the ready-made script examples that is installed along with Server! shows how to notify someone via email each time a file is uploaded. But what if you wanted to send only one email, at the end of the file transfer session, with the list of all files that were uploaded in such session?

You can easily do that with 2 simple scripts bound to 2 different event handlers.

First of all you will need a script bound to the “AfterFileUpload” event handler, to keep the list up to date:

Continue reading

Extending your SFTP Server: Lesson #1

This is the first of a series of video lessons to help our users learn how to unleash the full power of Server! by writing scripts that are executed automatically upon occurrence of certain events.

This first script is kind of a “hello world”, but it’s meant to give our users a glimpse of the features Server! puts at their disposal.

Once you’ve watched the video, if you don’t want to re-type the script by hand, here’s the source code for you, ready to copy and paste.


What’s next in FTP Script!?

While our beta testers are hunting for bugs in FTP Script! v3.0-BETA1, here’s a cool feature that will be introduced in BETA2 next week.

Let’s look at a typical script that uploads a bunch of PDF files and then downloads a bunch of XLSX files from the same server:

Continue reading