Server! v4.0.21 released

We have just released version 4.0.21 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Added: support for POLY1305 HMAC (SSH/SFTP)
  • Added: support for CHACHA20 encryption (SSH/SFTP)
  • Added: support for NFS access by impersonation via Windows Client for NFS (experimental)
  • Improved: handling of failed active (PORT) data transfer over FTP(E/S)
  • Fixed: occasional issue with SHA256 computation during key exchange
  • Fixed: bug in the VFS-related commands of the SMSCLI

Note: if after the update you notice any unexpected behavior in the web interface, just hit Ctrl-F5 in your browser; that will force the browser to reload the page as well as all back-end scripts and update the ones that may have been cached from previous versions of the software.

As usual you can download this new release from our website.

How to put users’ homes on shared folders Server! version: 4.0.5+

Some of our Server! users prefer to store their users’ home folders (actually VFSs as of version 4.0) on a different machine via shared folders. For example, instead of having your user’s home point to C:\SFTPData\MyUser you want to have it point to \\\SFTPData\MyUser.

This is a perfectly reasonable and fairly common request. As of version 4.0, Server! provides a variety of methods to accomplish this goal.

The first step is always the same: creating a VFS that points to the network-shared folder, like this:


Once the VFS is created, you can proceed and create a User profile that uses the newly created VFS as its “home”. And this is where you have many options.

For example, if your entire infrastructure runs on Windows (including the machine that shares the folder) and all your systems are ActiveDirectory-aware, then you can specify the user type as “Active Directory” and impersonate the home VFS as “this user”: Continue reading