MFT! v1.0 released for Windows

Today’s a big day here at Syncplify. We’re releasing the very first version of our newest software: Syncplify MFT!

You can find a good description of the software on our web site.

We’ve also made the full manual available online.

In the next few days we’ll also publish more videos on our YouTube channel, to show and explain MFT!’s most noteworthy features.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re always grateful to our users and customers, without whom we wouldn’t exist. Server!: upgrading to version 4.x Server! version: 4.0.0+ Server! v4 is more than just a major release. The software was totally redesigned and nearly entirely rewritten. The back-end database is new, both in structure (JSON) and with regards to the engine (MongoDB). The virtual file system (VFS) implementsĀ a true separation of the file transfer engine and theĀ storage. Management is now entirely based on a rich set of REST API, to which we provide 2 front-ends: a modern Boorstrap/AngularJS secure web interface, and a completely redesigned CLI (command-line interface). For all these reasons, in order to upgrade to version 4 and keep your configuration and user database, you will have to carefully follow the procedures explained in this article, and especially in the VIDEO here below. Continue reading