Configuring SSL/TLS security for the Web/REST Service

While SSL/TLS security configuration for the FTPS protocol is entirely self-contained, Server!’s Web/REST service relies on Windows’ HTTP.SYS subsystem, which is the same subsystem IIS is based on, and therefore its security configuration has to be made at operating system level.

In order to ease the process we recommend Natarc’s IISCrypto, a free and powerful utility that helps achieving the task with just a few mouse clicks. Continue reading Server! v4 Public Demo

Do you want to check out Server! v4 without having to download it and install it yourself? We got you covered.
Username: readonly
Password: demodemo

Please consider that this is just a read-only demo account, so you will be able to see the entire web-based Configuration Manager, but you won’t be able to make any changes. A downloadable demo will be released in just few days.

This particular demo runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, utilizing a D2-type virtual machine.

Can I run Server!’s HTTP REST API on port 443? Server! version: 4.0.0+

During the installation process of Server! v4.x (or greater) you will be asked the IP address and port to which the new HTTP REST API service should bind. While in most cases (all interfaces) is a safe choice for the IP address, it is important to carefully choose a port.

In order to help you choose, we have prepared a very easy diagram. Just answer the questions on the diagram, and you’ll know which port (not) to use.

HTTPS Port Choice

This said, in order to limit automatic probes (bots), choosing a non-standard port is probably always the safest way to go. Server! v4: new Configuration Manager preview Server! version: 4.0.0+

After a lot of anticipation we are happy to share with our users the very first screenshot (preview) of the new v4 Configuration Manager dashboard. Hope you all will like it! In the picture here below you can see the dashboard for a multi-node (active-active HA) Server! v4 virtual server.

v4confman Server! v4: manageable via JSON REST web service Server! version: 4.0.0+

Getting closer and closer to the early availability of Server! v4, we think it’s time to share with our customers one of the biggest new features they can expect to find in the upcoming major version: a secure (authenticated) JSON REST web service that allows granular management and configuration of the server, user database, blacklist, and every other aspect.

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