Server! v4.0.34 released

We have just released version 4.0.34 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: white-list rejection handling in the FTP(E/S) protocol handler (SFTP was not affected)
  • Improved: license persistence in complex virtual environment featuring partially dynamic virtual hardware (Warning: upgrading to 4.0.34 from any previous version will invalidate your license, so please if you are a customer – before you upgrade – contact us to request a license reset)

Note: if after the update you notice any unexpected behavior in the web interface, just hit Ctrl-F5 in your browser; that will force the browser to reload the page as well as all back-end scripts and update the ones that may have been cached from previous versions of the software.

As usual you can download this new release from our website. Server! v4: black-list, white-list… and safe-list Server! version: 4.0.0+

Up to version 3.x, Server! featured a black-list and a white-list. The black-list is where all “bad guys” would end up if they tried attacking the server (DoS, DDoS, password harvesting, …) while the white-list was used for a much more restrictive purpose. In fact – when enabled – the white-list would allow clients to connect only if their IP address was in the white-list. Enabling the white-list, practically, means permanently black-listing anyone who is not on in the white-list.

Although the black/white concept was good enough for most installations, we figured that we could make it even more flexible. That’s why in version 4.0, Server! introduces a third list, called safe-list. Here’s how the 3 lists work:

  • BlackList: any IP address (e.g.: or network (e.g.: listed in the black-list will be rejected
  • WhiteList: if this list is not empty, then only the IP addresses and networks in this list will be allowed to connect, and anyone else’s connection attempt will be rejected (also, it is important to understand that whitelisting an IP address does not prevent it from being blacklisted, see the safe-list here below for that)
  • SafeList: IP addresses and networks listed in the safe-list will never be blacklisted, even if they perform actions that may be interpreted as attacks, for example if they connect and disconnect without attempting authentication (typical behavior of a load balancer)

A clever use of the 3 above lists guarantees enough flexibility to satisfy a much wider variety of situations than any previous version of Server!

Maintenance release: Server! v3.1.7.47

Today we have released Server! v3.1.7.47 to fix a tiny bug that on some Windows Server 2012 systems (and only in certain conditions) prevented the user profiles from re-loading the user-specific white list after saving it to the configuration database.

Should you experience issues with saving/reloading some users’ white list, you may want to upgrade to this latest maintenance release.