Server! v4.0.31 released

We have just released version 4.0.31 of our Server! software. This version features the following improvements:

  • Fixed: bug in response to the SFTP-List command when the client requested a wildcard-path

Note: if after the update you notice any unexpected behavior in the web interface, just hit Ctrl-F5 in your browser; that will force the browser to reload the page as well as all back-end scripts and update the ones that may have been cached from previous versions of the software.

As usual you can download this new release from our website.

Hiding certain files from a directory listing Server! version: 4.0.24+

As of version 4.0.24, Server! has introduced two new features:

  • the BeforeSendDirListToClient event handler
  • the RemoveFromDirList method in the scripting framework

These features can be used together to hide certain files from a directory listing. This is useful, for example, when you don’t want certain users to see certain file types when they connect to your SFTP server, but you still want to show such files to other users.

The first thing to do is creating a script. Let’s assume, for the sake of this example, that you want to hide some AutoCAD® files, and specifically all DWG and DXF files. Then you will need a script like this:

Once the script is ready, you will have to open the user profile you want to apply the rule to, and add an event handler to it, like this: Continue reading Server! v4: new blacklist item formats Server! version: 4.0.0+

A nice addition to the latest internal beta of Server! v4 is a more flexible way to specify IP ranges for the blacklist.

In v3 you could only specify blacklist items in the following formats:

  • single IP addresses (ex:
  • IP/subnet-mask (ex:

In v4, instead, you will be able to use any of the following formats:

  • Single IP address (ex: – same as in v3
  • IP/subnet-mask (ex: – same as in v3
  • CIDR notation (ex: – new
  • Wildcards (ex: 192.168.172.* or even 192.168.1??.*) – new

One more improvement to make our users’ life easier…

Maintenance release: Server! v3.1.23.63

We have just released version of our Server!

This new maintenance release addresses a “foggy” area in the FTP protocol standard: the MLSD command will now accept wildcards (ex: *.txt) in the request path, and return an error only when a fully qualified file name is provided. This added flexibility mimics the behavior of several other FTP servers on the market, and ultimately improves compatibility with many existing and legacy FTP clients.

As usual you can download the latest version from our web site. Thank you!

FTP Script! lesson: using the new features in v3.1 FTP Script! version: 3.1.0+

FTP Script! v3.1.0.50, released earlier today, comes with a bunch of new features and functions to simplify some tasks related to the management of local files. In fact, it’s not just about transferring files to/from FTP servers… what you do with those files after/before you upload/download them to your local disk also matters!

In earlier versions of FTP Script! the FileCopy function, for example, was very limited. It could copy only one file at a time, and it had no support for wildcard file masks. In v3.1 we greatly improved it, and you can now use it this way:

The third parameter (set to true in the example here above) determines whether the function should overwrite the destination file(s) if it/they already exist.

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