What FTP clients for Android are compatible with Syncplify.me Server!?

In the past few days we have thoroughly tested several Android FTP clients against our Syncplify.me Server! and all of them ran smoothly without issues. Here’s the list of clients (and protocols) we have tested:

  • AndFTP (FTP, explicit FTPS, implicit FTPS, SFTP)
  • FtpCafe (FTP, explicit FTPS, implicit FTPS, SFTP)
  • Turbo Client (FTP, explicit FTPS, implicit FTPS, SFTP)
  • Zifero FTP Client (FTP, explicit FTPS, implicit FTPS)

The SFTP support in Zifero FTP Client is available only in the Pro edition, therefore we haven’t tested it.

If you know of another FTP(S) or SFTP client, for any OS, and you want us to test it and verify it works with our Syncplify.me Server!, please, contact us. Thank you.

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